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Usability, Visibility, Interoperability

By: / Fri Apr 08 05:54:48 GMT 2022

Master Terminal Release

Released this week, Master Terminal 21.03 included several developments in the areas of Usability, Visibility and Interoperability. I have highlighted some of the more interesting ones here, and all of the changes made in this release are listed in the user documentation.


The Cargo Apps “Move” and “Assign Tasks” are now rendered using REACT. There are no functionality changes, but you will notice these apps working much faster. There are also a couple of minor changes to the look and feel of the ‘toggle switches’ and buttons. We are keen to get your feedback on which you like better as we will continue to look at the UI and make incremental changes as we go through the year.


There are still a couple of apps to go, but we are very close to having all the Cargo Apps using REACT technology. As well as the snappy performance this gives, it makes it much easier to make changes to the apps and gives us an opportunity to update their look and feel.


Work on the next generation Vehicle App (nicknamed Vehicle App Nx while it is under development) is well underway, and we are looking forward to being able to provide even more flexibility in configurable fields when it is released in a few months. In the meantime, we have added the ability to configure the cargo details displayed to IMV drivers in the existing Vehicle App.


We have continued to add to the Master Terminal support for OpsView, with Container Vessel operations now complete and streaming data to reports displaying Vessel & QC Performance. OpsView version 1.4 is going to be released very soon, giving Master Terminal users access to this great product.
If you would like any further information on OpsView for Master Terminal, please contact your CSM.

As you may know, part of the integration strategy for Master Terminal is to add to our API suite with a new Master Terminal REST API for third parties to use. In April’s release, the first methods have been added to this API supporting integration with an external VBS system, as well as a third party handheld app performing RoRo actions.


It is exciting to see this vision coming together, and more methods will be added to this API. In the first instance this will be as they are needed but a program is being worked on to extend this to a fully featured API in the near future.


As always, details of all changes made in this release can be found in the user documentation.


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