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New Year - New Master Terminal

By: / Fri Feb 18 01:58:52 GMT 2022

Master Terminal Release 21.01 is here!

This month we have a number of customisations for customers including:

  • Changes to the invoicing module so that Print features for the Posted Returned Invoice can include voided Invoice Line items.
  • Web Portal Improvements including more options for Port customers in the cargo requests functionality
  • Additional configurable fields in the Vehicle App

The team have been busy over the Christmas / New Year period and have also completed the delivery of a number of new web applications.  Order Picking, Cargo Group Assign Move, Location Check and Pack Load by Request have all been added to the web app suite. More information can be found in the documentation, and there will be Demo Clips for these applications coming in the next few months.

If there are any Demo Clips in particular you would like to see, let us know and we'll get them to you asap.

This month we are working on a number of integrations for customers including integrations with a vehicle booking system, a RORO application, and weighbridges. We are also developing a Generic API that will speed up integrations with 3rd party systems.  More information on this soon!

You can find more details on changes in release in the release documentation.

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Looking forward to hearing about the Generic API.
0  Sun Mar 20 19:04:29 GMT 2022


Hi Rebecca,

We'd love to see some more info on the Vehicle App fields - I actually just logged a question about 'Source and Target display as' which i've come across, and any more info about the Web Portal Improvements too,

0  Wed Mar 16 20:52:15 GMT 2022

Giuseppe Lamberti

Hello Bec. 

Having some Demo Clips about Work Order and connected To Do Tasks, would be great - at least for me!



0  Tue Mar 01 08:45:30 GMT 2022