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Rail Insight 2021 Conference Recap

By: / Fri Jul 16 19:42:33 GMT 2021

This year, Railway Age held its seventh annual Rail Insight Conference with industry leaders on key strategic challenges, issues, and trends. The 2021 event was held on June 17th in a virtual forum. The conference explored what is affecting business growth, capital investment, technology, regulation, service quality, and safety in the North American rail market.


Navis participated at Rail Insights with a session on the issues that come with backlog at ports. Navis’ Product Marketing Director, George Belle, spoke in-depth about the “impact of the on-going backlog at the ports and how it [is] impacting operations at inland rail terminals”. George focused on how a “TOS can help terminals manage [these] challenges”. Congestion at ports impacts how railways handle the cargo as it causes upstream complexity at inland rail facilities to deal with the backlog. With 65 terminals using Navis TOS to manage intermodal rail operations, these terminals are better equipped to handle the operational challenges this additional backlog creates. George brings up the need for more communication between ports and trains to ensure better preparedness for the arrival of cargo. Additionally, if a train is delayed leaving a port, the arrival of the train at another location can be better planned for. TOS systems allow for effective communication and high-speed updates. As congestion at ports increase, there is a growing need for effective communication for intermodal rail operations. 

You find more information on the annual Rail Insight Conference here:

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