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Master Terminal Release

By: / Tue Jul 13 20:23:13 GMT 2021

We are pleased to announce that Master Terminal Version is now available!

A new feature called 'Blending' has been added to Master Terminal.  This solution will allow any bulk or break bulk to be blended into one or more new bulk or break bulk. Blending is available to Master Terminal systems licensed to use the general cargo module, i.e. those that already have access to the module that includes Break-Bulk and Bulk. 

Blending provides the ability within Master Terminal to combine a number of existing on-site cargo items (with different cargo type/ Sub Types) and create new Cargo of a different Cargo Type.  Blending consumes the input components and creates new output Cargo Item(s).  Blending can be performed using pre-defined recipes (declared against the Cargo Type of the Output cargo).  Blending can also be performed manually without the aid of a recipe.  The output of a blend operation can be one or more new cargo items, or it can be merged into an existing cargo item. 

In this release we have continued to progress with our program to convert Master Terminal Web Apps to use React JS. This release contains a Beta version of a redesigned Cargo Lander App with an improved look and feel, improved responsiveness, and designed to work down to a 4 inch display size. This is only available in UAT and Test Environments. The intention of this Beta version is to provide users with a preview of the new screen formats and presentation of the app (rather than a version to be tested for Production readiness).  This is available as an additional tile called 'Cargo Lander (Beta)' on the mobile apps landing page.  In this Beta version there are some known differences in functionality between the 'Cargo Lander (Beta)' App and the existing Cargo Lander App.  'Add Cargo' and 'Maintenance' functionality are not included in this Beta version, but will be included once a Production version is available. The Production version will be included in a future release, replacing the existing Cargo Lander App.

Master Terminal also contains an enhancement which was suggested and voted for via the Master Terminal NCC group. In the Tallyman App, tier and cell numbers are now displayed. As always, details of all changes can be found in our user documentation. 

We are also pleased to confirm the timing of a new major release which will upgrade the underlying Jade technology environment Master Terminal is deployed on, from JADE 2016 (8.6.1/ 8.6.2) to JADE 2020 (20.0.21). This will take effect in the Master Terminal monthly release scheduled from December 2021.  With this major release, we will also change the version numbering format. An updated release schedule, with release numbers and dates, can be found on the NCC here. A new major release is a great step forward for Master Terminal as we bring the product on to the latest Jade technology. Further details can be advised by Support or Account Managers.


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