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Heroes of the Pandemic Awards 2021: Most Dynamic Solution

By: / Wed May 19 00:14:13 GMT 2021

2020 was a year none of us will easily forget. A year of personal and professional crisis, a test of resolve and a trial by fire of problem solving and adaptability. The year’s challenges thrust logistics and supply chains into the spotlight and helped the industry accelerate trends that will enable a smart, safe and predictable supply chain into the future. We at Navis are honored to be nominated for the Most Dynamic Solution for the Transport and Logistics Middle East Heroes of the Pandemic Awards 2021. Together with our customers we have created and implemented dynamic technology solutions to navigate and thrive during a time of great challenge. 

As health and safety measures were mandated by governments worldwide, Navis stepped up with cloud solutions this year to help our terminal operators continue their critical work. During the height of the pandemic, Navis cloud-based solutions allowed terminal operations to facilitate remote work uninterrupted during a critical time for the global economy. Additionally, Navis successful managed the technology implementation process, including testing new software and training users, through a number of critical N4 and Octopi TOS go-lives at terminals in many different countries around the world.

While automation has been around in the industry for years, this year it has taken on new meaning as Navis and our customers move towards “smartomation” – combining automation with smart insights providing operators the visibility and learnings to drive changes that are automatic and predictive.

And then there’s data. So much data is collected but there are big gaps in how it is collected and analyzed, so its usefulness is often inexact and loosely interpretive. We’re working to create systems and processes that allow operators to maximize the value of their data across the supply chain as they are setting up their operational plans. Connection, visibility and control is truly the future.

As the world moves forward and begins the process of rebuilding lost momentum, it is a time of great opportunity. The traditional rules have been upended and standard processes have been interrupted. Now is the time for this industry to energize and connect to new thought processes, new possibilities and to consider these opportunities carefully while time is ripe with innovation. 2020 has proved that connection, flexibility and innovation is essential to the future success of this industry and Navis is proud to have played a part in helping our customers rise, overcome and succeed during these most challenging of days. For more information and to vote for Navis, please see the TLME Heroes of the Pandemic website.

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