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Web Portal Vehicle Bookings

By: / Sat May 01 01:28:30 GMT 2021

Master Terminal has a Vehicle Booking System. This allows appointments to be made with obvious benefits to both the terminal and carriers in being able to plan and regulate the arrival time of trucks, so truck visits can have a rapid turnaround at the terminal. 

This will be available to carriers using the Master Terminal web portal, where they can book the truck visits into pre allocated appointment slots.

Options include to view those slots that are booked or those that are not booked, or a general enquiry.

The Booked view has advanced search for carrier, driver and dates etc.

Available view has advanced search options allowing the slots to be queried for dates.

To claim or book a slot, use the ellipse option to ‘book’.

Enter the carrier and driver details and whether dropping off and/or picking up. 

Plus can enter bookings and release request details.


The appointment slot has been updated and allocated to the carrier.

The number of trucks per booking period, length of booking period, the gate working hours, and different weekend/holiday hours can all be configured using Master Terminal.

When the truck arrives at the terminal, the arrival time and booking slot is recorded. Reports can then be created that show visits that did not arrive at the booked time.

The web portal version of the Vehicle Booking is available from Master Terminal 862.050.


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