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51st World Earth Day: Making Global Trade Smarter, Safer and More Sustainable

By: / Thu Apr 22 23:59:45 GMT 2021

Making Global Trade Smarter, Safer and More Sustainable
To Mark the 51st World Earth Day 

The marine shipping industry is a prominent player in the global supply chain - constituting roughly 80% of global trade movement. But as a contributor to about 3% of the global GHG emissions, we cannot deny the damage it causes to our planet.  The pressure to act towards decarbonizing the marine shipping industry is rapidly growing and numerous initiatives, legislation and calls to action are in motion to facilitate change. Global carbon pricing schemes, carbon tax and measures to decarbonize the industry are becoming an active part of the global conversation in shipping.

Simultaneously, many ideas are being born such as different fuel types, emerging technologies and industry consortiums such as the Getting to Zero Coalition, to tackle the goal of decarbonizing the shipping industry. 

Here at Navis, we know it’s time to act and every small step we take will help our planet and industry reach its goal. We believe that small steps lie in innovation, trust and transparency. We are profoundly dedicated to supporting the shipping industry with new technologies and software solutions that serve this transitional phase towards decarbonization. 

Navis is committed to making global trade smarter, safer and more sustainable.

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