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Navis Lighthouse Customer Program: Partnering with Key Customers to Accelerate Innovation

By: / Wed Apr 07 02:23:16 GMT 2021

The Navis Lighthouse Program is an invitation-only engagement for key Navis customers to partner & engage with Navis
engineering and product development representatives on specific refinement and development of new products in the Navis

Is your organization a good candidate to become a Navis Lighthouse customer?
  • Is there a key Navis advocate on the team?
  • Is your organization or team focused on innovation?
  • Is the team prepared to commit to a timeline (4 months or 1 year) of product innovation with an associated technology
  • purchase and deployment?

Commitment is expected of a Lighthouse customer
throughout the project timeline in several areas:

Ongoing test/feedback cycle of new builds and UX
wireframes. An assigned Navis Product Manager will
facilitate monthly or bi-monthly test/feedback calls with
key customer contact.

Ongoing subscription of the solution once it achieves
general availability.

Attendance at regular feedback calls.

Reference of the customer’s use of the product to be
released. This may also involve a press release to
announce availability of the solution/product/feature, a
customer video or success story.


Trusted Advisor:

Become a trusted advisor of Navis, share thoughts and
feedback, be privy to strategic direction

Discounted Solution:
Ability to develop a solution which is geared to their
exact problem without the expense of custom

Direct Contact: 
Relationships and communication within Navis product
development organization

PR Opportunity: 
Be seen as a cutting-edge company who is at the
forefront of innovation. Navis will promote the
partnership publicly

Featured Expert:
Focus at industry events such as SKO, Navis World and
NUG meetings

Find out more about having your organization become a key element in the development of next-generation Navis technologies. Ask a Navis employee about more program details.

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