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Incident Management & Prevention

By: / Fri Dec 18 19:38:38 GMT 2020

Early-stage analyses pave the way for best incident management and prevention of incidents

Sailing safely is always the top priority of the shipping companies. Incidents at sea such as container damages and losses pose several risks to the environment, crews, ships and shipping companies' daily operations. Although the causes of incidents at sea are numerous and as well as complex, shedding light on the causal factors of container losses and damages is fundamental to ensure safety. 

The unexpected heavy weather conditions which result in such as currents and wind, of course, lead to container damages and losses. However, what are the operational causes that can be eliminated so that incidents are managed effectively with minimum administrative efforts and prevented from happening? The most common and avoidable operational causes are derived from:
  • Inadequate lashing calculations
  • Inadequate stowage planning
  • Outdated loading computer solutions
  • Poor collaboration with classification societies 
As mentioned above, those listed operational causes are in fact avoidable errors. The question is which practices are the best for effective incident management and prevention. In order to answer this question, the Navis team put together a meticulous case-study. We profoundly believe that effective incident management consists of  three pillars as follows:
  • Real-time visualization of the on-board situation 
  • Have one source of truth 
  • Easy & fast reconditioning
In this way, it is possible to execute the best decisions in case of emergency and eliminate administrative hustles. With MACS3 loading computer, MACS3 Connected and Bluetracker, Navis ensures that incidents - container damages and losses can be managed effectively and your operations become preemptive. 

How about preventing container damages and losses from happening by simply eliminating the earlier mentioned operational causes? The preventive measures revolve around the following five principles:
  • Approved solutions
  • Proactive warning 
  • Well-trained crew on-board
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Up-to-date loading computer
The above-mentioned five principles are laid out in Navis MACS3 loading computer, StowMan, MACS3 e-learning and MACS3 Connected. With the combined solutions of Navis, your operations will be proactive and robust enough to eliminate the avoidable operational causes.  

If you want to learn more about how Navis products ensure the safety of your operations let’s discover your tailor-made solution together!


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