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Introducing the 'Master Terminal Group!'

By: / Fri Nov 20 19:23:09 GMT 2020

The ‘Master Terminal Group’ is now live on the NCC. This is intended as a forum for Master Terminal users to collaborate and share best practice Master Terminal use with fellow customers. 

As well as serving as a place to share ideas with other users, we also intend to use it to hear your ideas about new features for the product. As such, our intention is that the Group will replace ‘Interchange’ as our product suggestion system.  Whilst Interchange has inspired many product improvements, we feel that it’s time to move to a more collaborative platform. The Master Terminal Group will provide this, allowing users to interact with each other, and the Master Terminal Team, to discuss and evolve product ideas. 

Product ideas gathered via the group will feed into our regular Roadmap review process, and we will also use the Group to report back on which product improvements will be implemented.  A final review of Interchange ideas has been undertaken and a summary of the ideas taken forward will be available on the Master Terminal Group. We will be ceasing use of Interchange over the coming month and will update Interchange users directly by email. 

We hope that you will join us on the Master Terminal Group and contribute to making it an interesting and valuable forum.  

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