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End of Life for RIA, Tallyman (Silverlight) and JATOS

By: / Fri Nov 13 00:11:39 GMT 2020

Navis is announcing the end of life for the RIA (Rich Internet Application), Tallyman and JATOS within the Master Terminal product as of the dates set forth below: 

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Beyond August 1, 2021, the RIA, Tallyman (Silverlight) and JATOS will be in an unsupported state and will not receive any further quality updates. Beyond November 1, 2021, the RIA, Tallyman (Silverlight) and JATOS will be discontinued and will no longer be available in released versions of Master Terminal from that point.

This end of life decision has been made as part of our on-going product lifecycle management process. Existing modules within the Master Terminal product already provide quality alternatives. 

Web Portal
For customers wanting to provide web access to Master Terminal, we recommend migrating activities to the MTN Web Portal. The Master Terminal Web portal provides a modern browser experience for end-users and from release provides all functionality currently available in the RIA. 

An alternative Tallyman Web application that does not use Silverlight is already available from release and we recommend migrating activities to this application.

JATOS is a legacy Beta product (vessel definition using Silverlight) which is not currently in use in production environments.

Licensing and Further Information
If your organization currently uses the RIA or Tallyman application (or your organization is otherwise licensed to use either of these products), there are no additional license fees for using the Web Portal or the Tallyman web application.

If you require further information on setting up or accessing the Web Portal or Tallyman for testing purposes or have any further questions or concerns then please contact Navis Support, your PS consultant or your account manager.

Screenshots from Master Terminal Web Portal

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Screenshots from Master Terminal Tallyman

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