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Master Terminal Release

By: / Tue Nov 10 23:17:57 GMT 2020

We are pleased to announce the availability of November's Master Terminal release, 

In this release, we have delivered an enhancement in one of our handheld applications, which allows users to scan barcodes or QR codes either via a device's camera or stored on the device so that users can use either low-cost consumer devices or their own devices. At the moment this functionality is available for login to the Handheld Apps using a QR code, and in the Truck Loader App for scanning Truck Regos. To use this functionality customers should contact Support who can arrange for this to be configured by Master Care.

We initially worked with a customer on a proof of concept for this functionality and then developed the full solution once proven.  This type of enhancement could be developed in other areas of the Handheld Apps, as required by individual customers.

We have also made a further small change to the Truck Loader and Unloader App in this release, so that booking number and cargo dimensions are visible in the extended details and cargo summary screen.

In the next release (, an enhancement will be available which provides a new print option for the 'LOLO Planning' form. This ‘Scan Plan Print’ option provides access to print an alternate option to the existing Bay Plan print out. This enhancement is being delivered under our Roadmap, fulfilling a number of customer requirements.

You may have noticed that a ‘Master Terminal Group’ is now live on NCC. This is intended to be a place for our customers to interact and collaborate with each other, and the Master Terminal Team. Specific comms about the Group will be coming out shortly. 

Further details about all changes in are available in the documentation. 

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