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A Seamless Lashing Experince

By: / Fri Oct 23 00:12:43 GMT 2020

The new Lashing mobile app from Navis provides a seamless experience for the terminal operator and the Vessel Captain/Master.

When it comes to wrapping up a lashing activity on a particular vessel, the final approval from that Veseel's Captain/Master is crucial.

Recognizing the fact that the vessel can make calls to multiple ports, Navis brings a unified Navis Identity(IS), which once registered can be used by a vessel Captain/Master across terminals using Navis Lashing app to approve final lashing.

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Vessel Captain/Master can do an in-depth review, approve and provide feedback via this app. 

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The entire lashing workflow is secured. The port operator is in full control of the workflow and has the authority to grant and revoke access to its lashing data via Navis NCS.

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