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Machine Idle Time

By: / Mon Oct 12 22:45:54 GMT 2020

The RT Queue screen in Master Terminal shows machine instruction tasks.

An enhancement has been made to show machine idle time; this is the time that a machine has been without instruction.


Terminal Configuration
A terminal configuration turns on machine idle time indicators in the RT Queue screen.

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Vehicle RT Configuration
Each machine type or individual machine can have idle time configurations.

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The Idle Time section is only shown on this screen if the Terminal Config option 'Show Machine Idle Time in RT Queue Screen' is ticked. 

'Allowable Idle Time Before Alert is Raised' must be greater than 'Allowable Idle Time'. 

Background Process
New Auto Scheduler Setup Task Type 'Machine Idle Time' and new BGP Controller Type 'Machine Idle Time'

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The BGP will check machine idleness. When a machine has been without instruction for longer than the configured time this will be highlighted on the RT Queue screen plus at the configured time an alert and machine history will be created.

In Operation

System Alerts
New System Alert type "Machine Exceeded Idle Time" - used if an alert is raised for a machine that has been idle for longer than a configured time.

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RT Queue
When a machine has been without instruction for longer than the configured time, this will be highlighted on the RT Queue screen.

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Machine History
All activity of a machine is recorded in Machine History. This includes log on, log off, pick up, setdown etc.

A new action type has been added ‘Idle Time’. 

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A machine will only be shown as idle if the following is true:
  • Machine Idle BGP task running
  • The last task it performed was an Accept, a Pickup, a Setdown, a Delay Start, a Logoff or a Gone Offline. 
Informational machine histories are ignored when calculating machine idle time. Machine history can be used in reporting.

Machine Idle time is in release 862.070

The archive of the Master Terminal developer blog post is here.

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