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Navis Rail Planning Platform: Release Updates

By: / Mon Oct 05 19:11:29 GMT 2020

Navis has released a major update to the Navis Rail Planning Platform, which is available to current users of the system. Navis Rail’s integrated rail planning and scheduling system is a cloud-based set of integrated tools that supports the full range of service design and operations planning. It allows a freight railway to optimize and manage the plan for trains, locomotives, traffic, railcars, blocks, and crews shifts & rosters.

Navis Rail is committed to a steady release of interface and engine improvements based on feedback from our clients and research being done by our Development Team. The new release (v.11646), is focused on user experience (UX) and productivity improvements, as well as a major upgrade to crew management.

The update includes the following:
  • The new interface layout, which shows properties of the selected train/cargo/car in a panel on the right-hand side, has made more of the central part of the screen available for diagnostic graphics such as Gantt charts and train diagrams
  • The number of locomotives and wagons of each class attached or detached to/from a train at a location is specified numerically
  • Quickly generates lists of trains, freight demands, locomotive classes, wagon classes, crew pools and miscellaneous tasks
  • Added buttons to quickly unassign all shifts or remove all scheduled days off from a crew roster
  • Added a button to quickly adjust a shift’s sign-on time and duration to match the tasks within it
  • Added the ability to quickly add multiple tasks to a crew shift
  • Made all location pickers display locations in a consistent and alphabetically sorted manner
Crew Rostering tools were added to support the existing crew scheduling module.

The new functionality is designed to:
  • Roster crew shifts while ensuring all shifts are up to date with the train schedule
  • Cover occupational health & safety issues including automatically analyzing crew fatigue.
  • Manage complex enterprise bargaining agreements and other rules in assigning crew
The value created by the Crew Rostering tools includes:
  • Efficiency gains in both the management process and the usage of crew
  • Ensuring the best OH&S standards are followed
  • Easier negotiation between management and crew unions
If you would like to know more about the upgrades to Navis Rail’s Planning system, please contact Tom Forbes.

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