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Navis at SMM: Strong Impression of a Newcomer

By: Steffi.Karsten / Wed Oct 10 23:40:43 GMT 2018

Navis had a great first performance at SMM between September 4-7, 2018 in Hamburg. The Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology trade fair brought together around 50,000 industry shipping experts from more than 120 countries, featuring a total of 2,289 exhibitors from 69 nations.

Centrally located in hall B6, the dedicated nautical hall, the 24 square meter Navis booth was surrounded by two-level high giant stands of Siemens, Wärtsilä and other big players in the shipping industry. The Navis booth had a unique look and feel to it, using a special drawing, created by a talented graphic designer, to link digitalization and shipping to the arts.
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This eye catching visual displayed the vessel intelligence network shaped by the increasingly connected maritime software suite of Navis, which provides vessel and cargo data in the cloud. The vision of the ecosystem, as an art piece, caught the eyes of many and resulted in two reactions:
  • What is the idea of this network?
  • Where am I in this network? Where is my place in this ecosystem?
Along with this unique visualization of the vessel intelligence network, Navis also launched new initiatives and announced new product innovations at SMM.

With a strong focus on MACS3 loading computer news, Navis launched the MACS3 E-Learning Program for container vessels, a hands-on training delivering critical knowledge and technology experience for experienced mariners, individuals, students and anyone else in cargo operations.

In addition, the new concept of MACS3 Connected was introduced during SMM. This next generation of MACS3 adds a wealth of vessel information to the cloud, giving shipowners, ship managers, liner operators, terminals and ports access to important data necessary for operations.

Navis announced the win of Zeaborn Ship Management, a Hamburg-based technical ship management specialist operating a fleet of more than 150 vessels focused on container ships, bulk carriers and multipurpose vessels of all sizes, as a new customer for the fleet performance management software Bluetracker. The use of Bluetracker will enable Zeaborn to closely monitor and conduct KPI-based analyses on fleet energy efficiency performance to optimize the commercial potential of vessels under management, to manage environmental compliance related to EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations and to provide technical infrastructure for transparent shareholder reporting.

In addition, Navis paid particular attention to a topic, ship owners and managers operating in the container vessel segment are interested in – integration of classification societies’ new lashing rules into MACS3. Based on the updated cargo securing manual by classification society DNVGL, Navis Professional Services’ naval architects implemented the RSCS+ model in the MACS3 Sealash software which helps ship owners to benefit from route specific container stowage rules. As a result, more cargo can be safely loaded on the vessels based on its typical trade pattern and weather forecast for short-sea voyages.

More hot topics at SMM were break bulk planning. Navis offered solutions about efficient stowage of general cargo and steel coils integrating the newly introduced General Cargo Optimizer tool by MacGregor which is powered by Navis stowage planning know-how and software expertise.

Overall, this 4-day event was a success for Navis!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Navis booth. It helped make the SMM a great success. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Customer Conference and at SMM 2020!
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Stay tuned and don´t miss the chance to join us at the Navis Carrier and Vessel Solution Customer Conference November, 20 2018 in Hamburg.

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