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Focus on Your Ships with Teams

By: Henrik.Alfke / Thu Jul 05 18:05:39 GMT 2018

This comes in handy if you have a larger fleet or different departments or groups that are responsible for a subset of ships. Bluetracker Team Manager groups users and ships under a given team name. When changing to a team, only ships that have been assigned to this team are shown in the various Bluetracker modules.

Ships and users can be part of different teams at the same time. Let’s assume we have three different teams: Technical 1, Technical 2 and Chartering. Technical 1 and Technical 2 are intended for technical superintendents responsible for dedicated ships. The Chartering team contains all ships.

To edit teams, open Team Manager located in the menu Member Manager. All available teams are visualized as team cards. Each card shows the team name, the avatars of assigned users and the number of assigned ships. Hover your mouse over an avatar to see the user’s name. As an example, let’s create the team Technical 2 for the first time.
Creating a New Team
To create a new team, press the button Add Team. This will open the team editor. First, choose a team name and add the ships and users that will be assigned to this new team. As a last step, click Save.

Edit your Teams
You can also edit an existing team by pressing the edit pen on the team card. When you open the team editor for an existing team, a delete button also allows you to remove the team.
I’ll now demonstrate how a user can change the team he or she is currently looking at. In the header bar, click on the company item. This will open the team menu, which shows one item for the company itself and one item for each team to which the user has been assigned. Clicking on the team name will cause the app to reload with the new team. Clicking on the company item will prompt it to go back to the company itself, which shows all ships.

Tip: You can use a number of browser tabs to open the app with different teams. This way you can easily switch among teams.
After the user has changed to the new team (e.g., Technical 1), the hull dashboard will look like the screenshot below. The company and team name are now shown in the header bar. The ships included in the dashboard are limited to the ones assigned to the team.

Using Bluetracker Team Manager, you can create, edit and delete teams with any number of team members. Each dashboard is displayed differently according to the display parameters indicated for the particular team. This ensures that all team members have the same level of information at all times.

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