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A Great Day of Learning, Inspiring and Networking at the NCVS Customer Conference EMEA

By: Steffi.Karsten / Tue Jan 07 23:23:14 GMT 2020

The 2019 Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions Customer Conference EMEA took place on December 3rd in Hamburg, Germany. Once again, Navis hosted the customer and user event that attracted customers from ship owners, ship managers, terminals/ports and maritime universities at the venue with the view to dock 10 of Blohm & Voss shipyard.

Following the theme “Framing Interconnectivity” the one-day conference focused on ways to nail down the requirements of digital transformation that affect vessel operations and corporate culture within an organization.

In her inspirational keynote speech, the futurist K D Adamson provided the big picture of global geophysical, technological and cultural challenges the shipping industry is facing over the next decades. In the subsequent panel discussion with Andreas Hollmann, MD Container Terminal Tollerort and Director Operations at HHLA and Andreas Mrozek, COO and CFO at Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement, discussed how far connecting the day-to-day digitalization business in order to frame operational interoperability has progressed in their organizations.

As one of the conference highlights, Navis took the opportunity to introduce the StowMan Control Center and Distributed Services to stowage planners amongst the audience. These new applications provide a scalable framework to transform the stand-alone tool StowMan into a connected client-server setup, while maintaining full offline planning capabilities. 

The audience showed great interest in Navis’ pioneering role in making loading computer calculations available in the cloud by offering MACS3 API Services and supporting greater interconnectivity.

During interactive workshops, concepts for overcoming the challenges of software deployment were discussed as well as new use cases for cloud-based access to loading conditions over time.

The best practice meetings provided insights for how to apply the latest updates of lashing rules by DNV GL as well as how ship owner Ahrenkiel Steamship uses Bluetracker for efficient environmental reporting.

The second debate of the day dealt with the cultural impact of digitization on organizations in the shipping industry. The panel members Claudia Ohlmeier, President WISTA Germany, Tero Hottinen, Director Emerging Digital Business at Cargotec and K D Adamson reflected on the challenges of gender diversity in shipping and the maritime start-up scene as well as about balancing the leadership of boomer and millennial generations. We will publish the highlights of the talks soon.

Thanks for joining and contributing to all speakers and attendees to make this a great day of learning, inspiring and an excellent networking experience.

You can watch a video recap here

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