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Out-Of-The-Box Innovation at Navis

By: / Thu Apr 16 23:17:07 GMT 2020

Navis is proud to launch #Out-Of-The-Box, a continuous innovation cycle aimed at increasing innovation effectiveness and outcomes at Navis, while serving 2 important purposes: 

  • Instill the right people culture, by giving all Navis employees an opportunity to have a fun, engaging experience while connecting with each other

  • Gather ideas across Navis that will benefit both Navis and our customer base

The objectives of Out-Of-The-Box Innovation can be classified into themes from all cross functions like People, Finance, Sales, Business etc. that require more research and address them in the 2-day virtual Hackathon event planned on April 29-30 for all global regions. During the 2-day event, participants will investigate an idea, prototype and demo them to the judging panel. The top ideas from the Hackathon will be taken to market.

We strongly encourage all participants to form teams for the 2-day virtual Hackathon to bring in synergy and collaboration.

The Out-Of-The-Box Innovation is focussed on the following themes:

  • Cost Innovation: Ideas on cost savings. 

  • Customer Innovation: Ideas for new customer offerings, products & services pack & additional subscriptions

  • Enterprise Innovation: Ideas for enabling message reachability, faster adoption, smooth deployments, training & customer support. Ex: Better pricing model, GTM messaging, improved customer engagement.

  • Smart Innovation: Ideas on cross-functional synergy with cloud and smart platform innovation and subscription-based solutions using latest technologies like AI, ML etc.

The Out-Of-The-Box Innovation is open to all employees and cross functions across Navis. 

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