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Customer Outreach Program at Navis

By: smitha.hiremath / Sat Jul 25 00:21:49 GMT 2020

Customer Outreach Program (COP) is an open guided platform where Navis and Customers will collaborate on specific topics with key stakeholders on both sides. The purpose of this initiative is to improve customer relationships and align on business & program direction with an action-oriented series of engagements. These meetings are conducted on a bi-monthly basis or can be flexible based on customer feedback.

Program Managers design the agenda in close collaboration with Account Managers, Support, Sales, and Project Managers to develop specific content suitable for each customer. Apart from our internally designed agenda, customers also provide their own topics of interest to discuss during these meetings.

The agenda can range from Product, Support, Services to any open topics which are specific and valuable to our customers. During these meetings, we try to get an alignment on various areas like: 
  • High-level long term roadmap items
  • Status of upcoming releases, features and R & D projects
  • New services, programs/initiatives/ training which can improve the utilization of a solution
  • Upcoming events, conferences, user groups which will provide an opportunity for further collaboration
Open topics can include Customer’s current state of affairs, new operations/processes, event news or feedback on existing or new features which customers have used.
We had rolled out this initiative in 2019 to Ports America New Jersey(PNCT) and Georgia Ports Authority(GPA). In 2020, we have scaled up the program to two other customers from the AMER region- Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corp. Ltd. (PLIPDECO) and Terminal de Conteineres de Paranagua SA (TCP). 

Following are some of the value delivered to our customers through the COP:
  • High-level future product roadmap updates
  • New release feature walkthroughs
  • Quality and security initiatives and improvements
  • Improvements for Manual and Automated sites 
  • Overview of product offerings like Navis Smart Apps, Mobile Apps, Business Intelligence etc...
  • Deep dive into Rail Scheduler
  • Open topics like Upgrade Plans, Optimization, Dual Cycling
Customers, who are part of this platform have found this initiative very valuable, and have tremendously benefitted from the program. They have appreciated Navis’s additional efforts towards enhancing their relationship with customers. 

If you are interested in being part of the program or know of any customers who can benefit from this additional outreach, please reach out to Smitha Hiremath. We would be excited to have new global customers part of this platform to collaborate with. 

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