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RTG Optimization Suite: Visualizing Congestion and CHE Busyness

By: mshah / Thu Jun 25 23:24:06 GMT 2020

In my last blog, I showed how the RTG Optimization module balances jobs in an RTG lane across all the RTGs in the lane and generally across the RTG fleet with a component called the RTG Sequencer.

The Control Room application provides visibility into the occupancy of the yard, showing this in three buckets: 
  • Red: 60-100%
  • Orange: 30-60%
  • Green: < 30%
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A component called the Yard Crane Balancer powers the CHE Busyness visualization. This lets dispatchers know about upcoming work to inform RTG deployment.

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Based on the information in the visualization or by a suggestion from the Yard Crane Balancer, the dispatcher can create a job for the RTG to move to another block from the Control Room application. This job will show as a job on the RTG’s job list as an instruction. While the RTG is performing a move, N4 will suspend any job list activity until the RTG driver has confirmed arrival in the new location.

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These applications support your terminal modernization plans to help you reduce costs, streamline processes and improve mobility, productivity, safety and visibility.

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Be sure to check out our next blog where we will discuss how the RTG Automation solution provides seamless support for transitioning your RTGs to automation as you take on a brownfield retrofit project.

Whether you manage a manned or automated RTG operation the RTG Optimization Suite can help you and your staff become more proactive and productive with data visibility and automated assistance. 

View the replay of our webinar to learn more about the RTG Optimization Suite.

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